Mild-Moderate & Forgetting I am Chronically ill


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New Jersey, US
*No, i don't completely forget (i wish), as I have symptoms of my conditions every day -- but, sometimes when I'm having less symptoms than normal, I can ~almost~ feel not ill...

Side note: I was diagnosed in November!!, and I'm still in between the "I fuckin knew it!" and the "wait...really?" stages of diagnosis-grief.

Been having a few weeks here where I have had more energy & less PEM than normal... or so it seems. Possibly rolling just under the surface, but I think I have developed a new, temporary baseline and have done a good job staying within it's bounds. The issue? I haven't really been doing anything else.

I am currently mild-moderate, but closer to mild than a few months back. I can walk around a store, or even multiple in a day. My house has 2 indoor staircases that I can ascend multiple times a day. My boyfriend just moved out this week - and I HELPED. i carried (albeit the lighter ones) independently & helped carried boxes and bedframes down stairs, across the street (to new apartment), and up stairs once more. Months ago that would have been devastating to do, especially with doing it for multiple days a week like I did..
But I did it. And, I had PEM but not full, temporarily bed-bound crashes like normal.

But everytime this happens, and I do things that I know I probably shouldn't do - just because "I can" in that moment - it always backfires and I end up more moderate and unable to sit up or stay away for long during the day :[

Moral of the story: Pace & rest, and just because you can do it, doesn't always mean you should 😵‍💫
Thank you to the elder ME patients who continue to educate us baby ME patients 🙏 One day I'll listen 😭

*also, i think all the crap is catching up to me now 😭 yesterday around 4 I thought I was just sleepy so I took a "quick nap", only to wake up 4ish hours later and having the feverish-brain-foggy-fuzzy-brain feeling that I have when I'm crashing or just waking up during a crash :(