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mikie pulsing AVs


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australia (brisbane)
Hi mikie, i remember in past posts u mentioning pulsing AV's, hoping you could elaborate more on this. I have done 12 months on famvir with the initial 9 months or so doing well, but this has grinded to a halt and slowly sliding backwards. My blood tests show that my lymphocytes are coming down but just outside of normal, but at the moment blood tests arent corrollating with symptoms.

After my last blood test i mentioned to my doc that i had stopped the AVs as i wasnt improving anymore and that i will keep them at hand if i think i need them, ie worsening of symptoms painful glands etc and will do a 10 day course, which he agreed. The week before stopping AVs i have had a constant headache and has kept going and worsening until 1 week after stopping AVs i double dosed my famvir last night and now taking it twice a day as before. I woke this morn with no headache and worked today without a headache or fatigue. Would the AVs work that quickly? I suppose i will find out after this 10 day course.

Mikie, Im interested in how u pulsed your AVs, as well as anyone elses experience.