Microclot Therapy Update (good results)


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I posted some articles about the use of substances to reduce clotting factors in both M.E. and Long Covid people. Microclots and ME | Phoenix Rising ME/CFS Forums
The concept is that immune factors are creating "sticky blood" which limits circulation.

I have been using a baby aspirin with Plavix and would like to report that this has beneficial results for me. Some of the things would be improved mobility, less stress and energy, also better feelings of wellness.

I am doing the pharma route, but LC people are doing primarily the enzyme route (Serrapeptase, Lumbrokinase, Nattokinase) and are reporting good results. There does seem to be an issue with Nattokinase for some and I would suspect that is from an immune response. Best guess is that Nattokinase is a fermented product which could be triggering a histamine response.

If anyone is interested in seeing the enzyme approach and results, you can see this pharmacist with LC LongCovidPharmD (@organichemusic) / Twitter