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Methylation startup causing Abnormal Bleeding?

Just posting to see if anyone can explain what I think is a link between Methylation and triggering prolonged and heavy menstrual bleeding...or is it just a coincidence?

Not sure how much info to divulge...I have been researching Methylation since about 2017...experimenting with methylated vitamins, etc...I have subscribed to Livewello, Nutrahacker, MTHFR.net, Seeking Health Strategene, and a few others...I think I have a decent understanding about what my snps are and how they are possibly affecting me. About 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with DCIS, non invasive hormone receptor positive breast cancer...Successful lumpectomy and Rx for Tamoxifen. I have not started the Tamoxifen, and instead have been searching and experimenting with different things to try to come up with a reason why I got DCIS. My suspicion tells me I have had a hormone imbalance and possibly PCOS all of my life (infertile even with IVF), super heavy periods, high blood pressure, high cholesterol (even when younger, lower weight, and more active) I also have had spouts with anxiety and periods of depression most of my adult life as well. I also have been a moderate social drinker since college, the better part of 30 years. I also drink a lot of coffee, don't exercise anymore like I should etc.. So...I think some of my issues may be SNP issues, some are my own doing. I took two Dutch tests a month apart and discovered that I have issues with Estrogen Metabolism and clearance...and elevated Estrogen to Progesterone levels...likely indicating perimenopause. However I also have an elevated MMA which I have read indicates a possible B12 deficiency. I also had high total DHEA levels for someone my age (50). In an effort to try to address these things, I started taking SAMe 200mg for the first month and felt great. I did however start having my period and it lasted for over a month. I upped the SAMe to 400 mg and felt good..but the bleeding continued on for another month so I stopped. Bleeding stopped after about a week. Up until then, I have had normal monthly periods every 30 days. I did not correlate the SAMe to the bleeding until after the second month...as this was the only thing that was different. I have never had irregular bleeding ever in my life, and chalked some of it up to the fact that I may be starting menopause.

A month has passed and I started DIM plus calcium glucarate, in hopes that it will help clear some of these estrogen matabolites. I also quit drinking coffee and quit drinking alcohol ( a glass of wine here or there but greatly reduced). I have been taking Thorne DIM and Calcium Glucarate for about 3 weeks, and have had no bad side effects. So I decided to start the Seeking Health Methylate chewables. 1/4 of a chewable for a few days then half for a few, then upped it to a full chewable. No side effects such as headache, irritation, etc...My mood seemed great. Spotting started when I started the first day of Methylate. After a week and a full dose or two, again have terrible heavy bleeding...so I am stopping taking any methylated anything until I can figure out what I need to do. I cant help but think that either Mb12 or Methylfolate is triggering these heavy prolonged periods. I don't think its coincidental. I just cant put the pieces together...and would be grateful for any help or suggestions as to what may be happening.
I can list my SNPs or send Nutrahacker and/or Dutch Reports to whomever may feel like taking a look. The SNPs that I feel are causing me issues are CYP1A2, MTRR, CYP1B1, possibly CYP3A4, MTRR. I thought COMT was an issue (maybe it is), but my first DUTCH (taking no supplements) test indicated Methylation was within range. The second DUTCH test after taking SAMe for a moth, the Methylation was in the borderine high range. CBS is also worth looking into, however I have not indicated any sulfites on urine test strips I recently used. I really would like to figure this out and try to avoid any estrogen-related cancers (or any types) in the future. My fear is that I am doing more harm than good..hope that makes sense. Thanks for reading if you've made it this far! Some SNPs attached from heartfixer...


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The Tie-in, I should have mentioned, is that I have had quite a bit of fatigue this past year...and depression. This is why I started taking the SAMe and that greatly helped my mood and level of fatigue. Then the bleeding started....and so on and so forth.....


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I just wonder if you've considered consulting with a gynecologist and/or bio-identical hormone doctor. They might be more able to pinpoint what needs to be balanced and how to go about doing that.

Not to mention your age and this change could indicate something more serious going on that probably needs to be checked out.

IIRC, a gynecologist once told me that one of the signs they become concerned about right away is if a patient reports changes in cycle where bleeding is significantly increased either in amounts and/or duration and especially past the age of 50. :(

Anyway, just a thought.
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Thank you Judee! I thought the same thing and have already gotten checked out. Did vaginal ultrasound, and endometrial biopsy...all good. I appreciate your reply and advice :)