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Methylation, acne and hairloss. Fredd and rich please give insight

Hey guys I'm Dan and this is my first post ever here. I came to give insight to people here about what signs methylation start up could be.

Three years ago I developed what was severe cystic acne. All my life I never had much issues with acne or hairloss. Nt to short after that I went on a low carb diet to control the acne. It worked.

I went on to work landscaping for two years on that diet and well just a year ago I crashed severely. I started to loose hair like crazy! Skin extremely itchy around nose and eyebrows. I developed what is conventionally called alopecia of the whole body. I couldn't help notice though that before I put my body into his starvation mode, I had no issues with energy, hairloss or muscle wasting.

I started to eat carbs again but the problem wouldn't solve on its own. My body has received a grave metabolic insult. What strikes me odd about this is that it all occurred Parallel to absence of acne.

Now here's were I can give all you veterans some insight, and I'm hoping the same back. I used to get acne on my eyebrows, hairline and jawline. Now instead of the presents of acne all those areas are extremely itchy! Histamine intolerance=slow methylation.

What I suspect is that acne is over methylation. Because when I stated te methylation protocol and induced some acne around eyebrows and hair line, I felt less itchy in those areas, more toxins coming out again.but when the acne disappears, the itch is back. What's curious to note is that many methylation supplements are know to cause acne!! And help hairloss! Coincidence? I don't think so.

My question is oddly..can Fred or Rih give me insight into why methylation started up for a few weeks in the appearance of acne, then started to slow down? I am taking all b vitamins seperatly and active form. Magnesium and potassium wich help with adrenals a lot! My question is will it progressively evolve to bigger pimple in the future( what I want to happen), or am I hitting a limiting factor?

Please any insight because I am new to methylation but I do know I hit a rode block. I want to induce as much acne as possible because with me alreast Ikno the more aggressive the acne, the faster toxins are being expelled out of my skin.