Merry Christmas!!!


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Merry Christmas and Happy holidays generally, Juanita. I never received a Christmas card from you, probably b/c you don't have my address, right? Don't take it seriously please, because I just like to kid around with you.

You'll notice that you never received one from me either. No sleep on Christmas night.....too much food around here, most of it not something we should be eating.

How was Christmas.....did you go to your sister's for lunch/dinner? When do you think you'll start seriously consider what you're going to do re: moving. Thanks for the wishes....and the very same to you. Yours, Lenora.

Juanita Vee

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Edmonton, AB
@lenora , I didn't send out Christmas cards this year because I'm laaaazy! Just kidding. It was definitely because I didn't have your address~!

Christmas was good, I'm so thankful my dad decorated and that we did celebrate. I didn't realize how willing I was to let it slide by. I went to my sister's for dinner, it was deeeelicious! There's too much food around here too, also most of which we shouldn't be eating. But, I can ask myself what kind of chocolates I want for dinner. And! I've figured out the tiny colorful flecks found around the house are salt water taffy crumbs, and I'm pretty amused by that.