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Medical Marijuana for Pain and Sleep and the PEM (!) in CFS


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I had a nice reply typed up and lost it. *sigh*

There are so many different strains its hard say "X" strain is good for "Y" condition. If you have a Cannabis friendly doctor, maybe he could impart some information to us on that.

Over all one of my favorite strains is Strawberry Cough, but I rarely even know what I'm getting. Part of the time I can't even use what I get because is causes 'heart racing' which is frightening to me, and is why I am so cautious about my use. Outside of the Strawberry Cough which was just very pleasant overall, I've had good experiences with several different strains. White Rhino was very body heavy and seemed to work well for pain. Orange Kush was mild and mellow, relaxing without knocking me out. Lemon G was very heady, and not body heavy; it gave me energy. Purple Haze was like the Strawberry Cough, but stronger and more body oriented; a bit psychedelic.

If you could find a doctor who can give you better information, or a listing of the various strains and effects somewhere that would be great. I'm very interested to know how accurately symptoms can be treated with the various strains.


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One of the many oddities of legal medical marijuana - at least in this state - is that the "recommending" doctor (it's not called a prescription, just a "recommendation") CANNOT give you any specific advice about the actual marijuana itself - how to use it, what strains, where to go to get it. So it's all on the dispensary to actually give you recommendations, so you need to find a dispensary where they're actually slightly clueful about their strains and what medical conditions/symptoms they are good for.

So far I've only been to two dispensaries: one seemed pretty good and the other pretty shabby. It appears to me that the person helping you ("budtender" cough cough) will ordinarily have recommendations for you if you go in and say "What's good for pain" or "what's good for sleep", but it's anybody's guess whether they actually know what they are talking about. I expect that all the counterpeople are thoroughly briefed with stock answers to common medical complaints, to help maintain the polite fiction that *everyone* coming in has a serious medical condition and wants medical use only.

As for a dispensary that actually knows something about CFS, I can only imagine that finding such a thing would be about 1000 times more difficult than finding a *doctor* that knows something about CFS, and we all know what a breeze that is. :eek: Dispensaries are not like regular stores where you can just walk in, you can only enter if you are a "member", so shopping for a dispensary would involve signing up as a "member" at every new place you try.


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Turns out nowadays the nicer dispensaries are packaging the herb with labels that describe the actual THC/Cannabinoid ratio.
The lower the first and the higher the second, the better your results will supposedly be for pain relief, with less high to manage.
I know the manager of a high-end dispensary, and I report this purely as hearsay of course.