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MEAction PROTEST: MAY 25TH - The More Support the Better


Senior Member
As many of you know #MEAction is excited to announce its first protest in Washington DC and San Fransico for May 25, 2016.

As many of us know we are to sick to participate. In order to improve our presence at the protest, we are seeking Memebers of the PR community to help in reaching out to people, friends and families that are associated with similar underfunded or unrecognized disease to help with our protest.

It maybe suggested that reaching out to these members that have other diseases on online forums like PR may be beneficial. If you are a member of a forum other than PR such as a Dyautonomia or Lyme forum than reaching out to these communities for help is what we are looking for. This also includes groups that you may belong to on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Some Examples of groups that may be interested in helping are listed below:

- Fibromyalgia
- Lyme Disease
- Dyautonomia
- MCAS or Mastocytosis
- Encephalatis
- Acute disseminated encephlomyelitis (ADEM)
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Ehlers-danlos syndrome
- Others

We hope that ME/CFS commuity will be able to assist in reaching out to these various groups and people.

This will help strengthen or presence at these 2 Protests and build awareness for our disease.

If you also know or/are in contact with famous people with the disease on Facebook or Twitter please inform them if possible.

The Link to the MEAction Protest is below: