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ME seminar in Norway for health workers Wednesday, 18th ( Drs.Bansal, Mella, Speight)


Senior Member
Wednesday, November 18
Stavanger University, Aula, Sydbygg, Armauer Hansens vei 20, Stavanger, Norway, 8am-3.30pm.

ME/CFS seminar organised by the Norwegian ME Association (Rogaland Regional Branches). One-day seminar for health workers and is being supported by Fylkeslegen in Rogaland and approved by the Norwegian Medical Association with 7 optional courses points on continuing education, the Norwegian Occupational Therapist Association with 7 hours of specialist courses and the Norwegian Psychological Association as 7 hours maintenance activity. Speakers include: paediatrician Dr Nigel Speight, consultant immunologist Dr Amolak Bansal and Professor Olav Mella. For more details, email: me.rogaland@hotmail.com Information file, written in Norwegian, at http://bit.ly/1LeUrBV