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ME payback trauma recovery timescale

Berkshire UK
I broke my HIP on 3rd January and am already way behind on recovery. I’ve noted Alex’s thread on actual healing time. I’m also looking for help on potential timelines on ME recovery times.

The trauma I believe was my actual fall, 1.5 hours turning and crawling to phone, 3 more hours until in ambulance 24 hours in A&E on a few painkillers but not enough, operation (huge relief and desperate by then to be knocked out), 7 days in ward.

I’m normally now in bed 3-4 days a week but with ongoing deterioration before this. I believe I’ve cumulative ME with having to take over a family members life 2 years ago, selling their property and managing their life whilst seriously sick for 8 months. I was in bed 2 days a week before that and able to sort of plan for a short lunch out. I then stupidly planned a big 70th birthday the year after.

I know it’s near impossible but wondering how many weeks / months / years do others estimate payback from a severe ME state needing 2-3 days in bed and rarely able to go out. All ideas welcome.
I think the actual fall and hours in pain until paramedic was likely 3-4 months payback and possibly similar with the time in hospital and recovery at home … who knows


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ME seems to affect the immune system's response to tissue damage (this new thread has details: https://forums.phoenixrising.me/thr...ome-reveal-disrupted-immune-signatures.89425/ ). Those changes might slow recovery, and also make your ME worse (chronic PEM?). Immunosuppressors might be a bad idea, since the immune system is doing its job cleaning up damaged cells. The right immunostimulators might make you feel worse, but maybe they'd speed overall recovery time. My guess is that it's unlikely that you'll find a doctor interested enough in the ME/immune connection to make any decision about treatments based on that.

vision blue

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What’s your worst symptom right now? Maybe can approach it step by step

Brw, your pic looks like the actress that plays Mrs Tischell on doc martin (whos alot prettier than they make her look with the neck brace etc)!