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ME/CFS Myth-busting quiz (from 2008 but still relevant)


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I recently came across the following which thought was useful and informative.

Quiz, without the answers:

Quiz, with the answers (and references):

What I read was actually the original version in the National ME/FM Action Network's newsletters:
These have introductions also other bits missing at the end so think they're better than the web versions.

A lot of the references to research are from 2005-2007 which made it very up-to-date at the time but means the particular references used can seem a bit out-of-date now, but generally still fine to us now I think.

Here's info on the author - well done to her:

Linda MacDonald is the Assistant Science Director and Manager of Government Relations for the National ME-FM Action Network. She has been a physical therapist for stroke patients, an English as a second language teacher, a Canadian folk musician, a university graduate student in experimental phonetics, and is now housebound indefinitely and unable to work due to ME/CFS, multiple chemical sensitivity and fibromyalgia.

Thanks to Dave Hayes PhD, Doris Fleck BSc and Philipa Corning PhD for feedback and editorial assistance.

Little Bluestem

All Good Things Must Come to an End
Referring to CBT is says
So, to lay this controversy to rest once and for all: “Thinking differently does not make this disease go away.” – British Journal of Medicine 2002, editorial on CBT in CFS treatment.
So why the @#)& are we still hearing about it. :mad: