ME/CFS Expert Clinician Meeting This Week

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A very important step in moving forwards, and great that it is being held for a 2nd year :)

ME/CFS Expert Clinician Summit

Linda Tannenbaum, OMF Founder and CEO/President, will join the leading U.S. ME/CFS experts as they convene for the Second Annual ME/CFS Clinician Summit on March 15-16 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This event is significant because it marks progress and forward momentum for this dedicated group as they tackle the ambitious goal of mainstreaming ME/CFS in the medical community and improving the clinical care of people with ME/CFS.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) published a landmark report in 2015 providing the tools for physicians to make the diagnosis of ME/CFS. But the diagnostic criteria have yet to be widely adopted by the medical community and doctors still lack knowledge about how to treat this devastating disease.

The ME/CFS Clinician Coalition intends to change that through these primary goals and strategic outcomes:

• Enhance and grow a collaborative network of U.S. providers with strong expertise in ME/CFS.

• Summarize key diagnostic and treatment methods and the supporting peer-reviewed science and best clinical practice to inform standards of care for ME/CFS.

• Build the ranks of informed physicians nationwide through medical provider educational materials and programs.

• Advance the ME/CFS research agenda with data, clinical observations, and intuition-based findings from expert practice. This feedback will include recommendations for treatment trials, identification of possible illness subsets, and observations of illness presentation.

The physicians in this strategic group include:

• Dr. Lucinda Bateman - Internal Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah
• Dr. Alison Bested - Hematological Pathologist, Miami, Florida
• Dr. John Chia - Torrance, California.
• Dr. Theresa Dowell - Family Nurse Practitioner, Flagstaff, Arizona
• Dr. Susan Levine - Infectious Disease, New York, New York
• Dr. Anthony Komaroff – Internal Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts
• Dr. David Kaufman - Internal Medicine, Mountain View, California
• Dr. Nancy Klimas - Immunologist, Miami, Florida
• Dr. Charles Lapp - Charlotte, North Carolina
• Dr. Jose Montoya - Infectious Diseases, Stanford University California
• Dr. Ben Natelson - Neurologist, New York
• Dr. Morris Papernik - Internal Medicine, Hartford, Connecticut
• Dr. Dan Peterson - Internal Medicine, Incline Village, Nevada
• Dr. Richard Podell - Internal Medicine, Summit, New Jersey
• Dr. Irma Rey – Environmental Medicine, Miami, Florida
• Dr. Andy Selinger – Family Medicine, Hamden Connecticut

This collaborative effort is led by Dr. Lucinda (Cindy) Bateman and Mary Dimmock, parent of a son with ME/CFS. After decades without clinical guidance, Cindy and Mary proposed an opportunity for the leading physicians to collect their clinical experience and intuition about ME/CFS. This work has expanded into a strategic effort to bridge the gap between the science and medicine and better the clinical outcomes for patients everywhere.

Through Linda's active participation, OMF is united with this project to help improve patient care worldwide.



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Excited to see this summit again. Wondering why it has been put at the tail end of the summit taking place in Australia? OMF's very own Dr. Davis and researcher Dr. Robert Phair are at the 2019 ME/CFS International Research Summit in Australia.


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I'm pleased to see this summit is happening for a second time. Does anyone know if there will be a follow-up after this conference like last year?

@Rinareens[/USER] and @Butydoc posted a lot of nice information and photos here last time, which was great to see:

Would be interesting to get a sense of the topics covered and updates since last year.
I am also totally with you; we are all sitting on the edge of our seats here waiting for news. Thanks.