Me cfs continues to be squeezed out


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This is a translation from the following German web site.

Berlin Cures has developed the drug BC 007 that renders GPCR autoantibodies harmless in the blood of patients. Since a connection between ME / CFS and autoantibodies has been confirmed by research, a therapy of ME / CFS patients with BC 007 is very obvious.
UK Erlangen will soon test the effect of the drug on Long Covid patients as part of a study, research funds have been made available.
The UK Erlangen has also agreed to investigate the effect of the drug in ME / CFS patients. However, there is a lack of € 800,000 in research funding.

My question: For what reasons is the study not also being funded for ME / CFS patients?

From my point of view, the BMBF is required to make this sum available at short notice. Especially against the background of the decades of neglect of ME / CFS research and ME / CFS patients and the EU resolution on ME / CFS of June 17th, 2020.


"Förderziel und Förderzweck sind in der Richtlinie festgelegt und beziehen sich ausschließlich auf Spätfolgen einer Covid-19 Erkrankung. Eine Ausweitung auf andere Krankheitsbilder wie ME/CFS ist daher nicht Gegenstand der Förderung."
Only Covid no cfs XD


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€ 800,000

I expect that a € 800,000 study would be appropriate for publishing and getting citations. Unless the drug has significant risks, they could do a much smaller study, such as testing the drug on a few volunteers. Some countries allow exceptions for testing new drugs on patients at high risk of death if they don't get any effective proven treatments and none are available. If they start doing backflips and cartwheels the next day, that should lead to funding for a full study. Actually, if testing a few volunteers gave significant results, CellTrend GmbH would probably fund the study themselves, since it would lead to big profits. Maybe they've already done this 'quick&dirty' trial and didn't get any worthwhile results.

I don't trust trials on lab animals because we can't even clinically prove that humans have ME, and claiming ME in mice based on lack of grooming (or whatever) after being dropped in deep water until they almost drown does not convince me that it's PEM from ME..