ME/CFS article today on Twitter


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If you type in on Twitter search "life threatening severe malnutrition in ME/CFS" it will come up.


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Here's the twitter post. Article link.

Goss malpractice and it basically looks like the NIH doctors were trying to kill the child to save money rather than give her the intensive prolonged care she needed. A two year old child with ME was having dysphagia and malnourished so they diagnosed her as having a psychological problem and treated for an eating disorder.

NGT feeding was instigated following the intervention of a psychiatrist who stated that her nutritional difficulties were not psychological in origin. A SALT assessment confirmed the swallowing reflex was absent. Despite the diagnosis of dysphagia, a second psychiatrist told her that her inability to swallow was psychological. Three months later, with little weight gain, her discharge home was planned without an NGT. With family pressure she was finally sent home with an NGT in place.
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