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MCS type reaction from new water distiller???


Senior Member
I got a water distiller today. Its small and does 4L at a time.

After turning it on, i started to feel extremely ill. I had anxiety, brainfog, fatigue etc same reactions i get from breathing in cleaning chemicals and other things.

I had the window open when using it. I guess the vapours coming from the machine or the process of distilling itself is attacking me with chemicals?

I guess il have to operate it outside. Hope i can drink the water.

DO you think its the chemicals being taken out of the water and going into the air?



Senior Member
If it's a real distillation unit, then it's possible - not quite the way you said but close enough. But if that were the case, boiling water would be bad for you as well.

Another possibility is that the plastics and stuff it's made from are outgassing.