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MCS and The Gulf Spill


Senior Member
So... I dont know if anybody lives close to where the spill is... but i thought this link might be helpful if you are concerned about the air quality where you live.....


for now most of the gulf is still fine...the air quality is better in the area than it is in most of the country... but with the hurricane headed for the area, and the possibility of larger spreading, I thought I would provide the link in case people are worried...

i found it comforting to be able to look at the map and know the air hasn't gone bad yet :)


Moderation Resource Albuquerque
I also live at ground zero for the oil spill. The other morning I looked out the window and saw 10 skimmer ships in the Gulf and bus loads of guys in hazmat suits on the beach. Today I see heavy equipment scooping up sand.

They are being very iffy here about testing the air and water and just lifted the swimming ban--against the recommendation of the Environmental Protection people. The samples from the latest water test won't be in till Monday. Personally, I am not going near the water nor spending time outside. We don't really know what the risks are and I don't dare risk increasing the toxic load I have been trying so hard to lower.