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MCAS doctor in Australia

hey there
i've been looking through the forums to try to find MCAS doctors in australia but no dice so far
i have an immunologist who my gp referred me to with a letter saying 'possible MCAS' which i think he took to mean 'i must now disprove it'
my gp even called the head of immunology who said that she doesn't believe in MCAS because she doesn't think there is any definitive testing to prove that diagnosis - which is, yknow, hilariously ironic when you consider the whole CFS thing.
is anyone in australia getting MCAS help? from an actual immunologist or whatever?
x salty


Senior Member
@salty prof Pete smith at qld allergy centre is supposedly the best.
Please let me know how it works out with him.

What symptoms of yours indicate mcas?
hey @knackers323 lots of symptoms! intolerance to nearly all meds, bad sinusitis/rhinitis, PUFFINESS all over, huge weight gain following 4 back surgeries i.e. opiates. thanks! i'll look into prof pete smith. i may just have convinced my immunologist in sydney to help me but i dunno, he's really hard work

@ahmo - yeah it's such a crapshoot ;(

x salty