Mcas and Gut healing (Candida/Sibo)

Hello world,

I wonder if anyone has any Idea how it may be possbile (even with weird Workarounds) to heal a severe Candida Infection/ fermentable Gut, while having MCAS?

How Can it be possible to strengthen the immunsystem without Mastcellattacks? It´s like an impossible Thing to do. My Dr. (not a Mastcell Specialist, but the best I have right now) wanted to enhace my Immunsytem through Autovaccine. But I really react to the Injections as well with hard Gut crampings and so on.

I really Try to Keep fighting, but I find no Way at all. I don´t tolerate the usual Mastcell drugs :(

Is their any crazy idea left or "This is it"?

Thanks to all of you

(I have a high TH1 activation)


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Hi Jasper,

You can settle things down regarding MCAS:
- More relaxation, no stress.
- Identify triggers and avoid them.
- Take natural ingredients which lower mast cells such as quercetin.

Aside from above, I think it's best for now to focus on your gut.

Use the search function for natural SIBO treatment. There are ways that do not trigger mast cells. For example the Herb: Neem (Neem is a mast cell stabilizer as well, so win-win).
Diet is very important, a strict SIBO diet will help.

Also, research shows that exercise balance the gut microbial and promote good bacteria. I know, with ME/CFS this is hard, but coorperate exercise in your life as much as possible.
All the best!


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Hi, how about an all fat diet to starve (at easy temporarily) the fungus/yeast and many bacteria into dormancy? Maybe also adding protein wouldn't hurt, either.
Simple food choices can help get fungal issues in check. Try to incorporate herbs, coconut oil, lots of plant foods, maybe try common antimicrobials as long as they do not push your immune into more improper balance. Find out what does not stimulate your over active th1, off the top of my head, olive leaf extract may be suitable for you.

A food that helps me is avocado seed, I blend it into smoothies or just plain water. If I get yeasty symptoms like itching or gut inflammation, it quickly tamps them down. I experimented with supplements like Interfase enzymes and SF722 and really did not notice much benefit, especially for the cost, over a higher plant food diet and using food as medicine. NAC may be an affordable and appropriate biofilm disruptor for you, as an alternative to expensive enzyme products. I find organic fresh garlic, minced and mixed into guacamole or salads really seems to cause some sort of die off effect. It seems powerful, combined with raw fresh veggies like brocolli, beets, carrots, anything which works for you. If I do not eat deliberately and treat everyhing I put into my mouth as a directed medicine, and let my diet get loose, I quickly suffer.

Proper stomach acidity is important in controlling dysbiosis and SIBO, apple cider vinegar and betaine hcl seem to work for me before meals. For enzymes, I eat fresh pineapple with stem for bromelain content with nearly every meal, and also chew well and try to eat slowly.

Probiotics like Florastor (beneficial yeast) give me noticeable relief, I am also experimenting with other strains and food and supplement prebiotics. Yeast issues are usually a downstream result of other dysbiosis/immune issues. I believe it is a protective mechanism when yeast overgrows, to fill in lack of beneficial bacteria space, to prevent more serious infection. Of course, yeast can be a serious infection in of itself in very sick people. Focus on gut health with foods and lifestyle factors and it should be manageable.
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