Mangan Sets up NIH Email Listserve for the ME/CFS Community


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I am also getting 'Security Certificate Not Trusted', in two different browsers.

Reluctant to proceed and sign up before we get confirmation from Mr Mangan directly.

Sean, I got the same thing (and others reported the same on FB), and I emailed Mangan directly to let him know. His response was "Oh don't worry it's fine." Nevertheless, I used the alternative method to sign up (sending an email response to the confirmation email instead of clicking through on the link) and it seems to have worked fine.


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I am also getting 'Security Certificate Not Trusted', in two different browsers.

Reluctant to proceed and sign up before we get confirmation from Mr Mangan directly.

I got this warning, too, but I simply used the option to reply to the email with the message, "OK" to confirm my subscription.

edit: I wasn't much worried about this because, according to my amateur webmaster mother, this message is more often about the browser than it is about the site visited (although it could be odd that both your browsers would need a security update)


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Here's what Hilary wrote about Dennis in October 2010.

Inside the Labyrinth: Osler's Web Updates
Who is Dennis Mangan and What is he Doing at ORWH?
October 21, 2010

Tags: He knows a lot about tooth decay

The following comes from a recent OWHR bio:

"Dennis F. Mangan, Ph.D.

Dr. Mangan is a Health Scientist Administrator working on the analysis and evaluation of research projects supported by ORWH. Dr. Mangan has a Ph.D. in microbiology from West Virginia University and postdoctoral training in cellular immunology at the University of Michigan.

As an Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester, Dr. Mangan lead a program in oral microbiology and immunology prior to engaging in advanced research in molecular biology in the lab of Dr. Sharon Wahl in the NIDCR (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research) intramural program studying the role of programmed cell death in monocyte/macrophage homeostasis.

Between 1992-2006, he worked in the NIDCR extramural program as a Program Director in various infectious disease research programs.

From 2006-2009, as the Associate Dean for Research at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, he helped faculty and students enhance their research programs and increase funding opportunities from government, industry and foundation sources.

Dr. Mangan returned to the NIH in November 2009 to join Dr. Vivian Pinn’s ORWH exciting 20th anniversary initiative to advance research on women’s health issues and sex/gender factors related to diseases and conditions over the next decade."


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Not the same Dennis Mangan

Mangan is quite the outspoken guy:

I thought it might be someone different, but:

I emailed Dr. Mangan about the blog and received the following reply:

Dr. Mangan,

I know you are very busy, so please forgive the intrusion to check on an internet rumor. There is a CFS patient named Dennis Mangan who has a blog:

Can you please confirm whether or not this blogger is you? Are you willing to confirm whether you have CFS or not? Rumors stating that you and the blogger are one and the same are starting on one of the patient forums. I would very much like to share your response to these questions with the patient community, before the rumors get out of hand.

Many thanks,
Jennie Spotila


Hi Jennie,
Thanks for the heads up. No I don't have CFS and don't have a blog. Tx, Dennis

(emphasis added)


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I just subscribed, too. I find the subscription process to be error-prone (at least for ME brain-fogged people like me) but if you follow the directions carefully, as others have helpfully posted to this thread, it'll eventually work! I think it is very important that we all subscribe to this.

[edit: if you're just subscribing now, so far there are only 2 test messages from Dennis on the listserv -- from a couple of days ago]