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Magnesium and medications--more to learn

After doing a little more research on Magnesium I learned that Fluoride and Florine( again Dr. Carolyn Dean) both bind Mg and making it useless to the body. If you think these two chemicals are only in drinking water ---think again. About half the medications we take have three or more molecules of Fluoride in them to improve potency and have greater cell retention.
If you have undergone major surgery and still aren't felling up to par it could be that the florine in the inhaled gas and fluoride in the anesthetic has made you Mg deficient and that causes a whole cascade of problems you don't need when you are healing.

A frequent post op complication is arrhythmia and a Mg deficiency causes the same symptom--coincidence? Maybe but the vast majority of people are deficient before surgery, it stands to reason that they will be worse off after the stress of surgery and the burden of Fluoride exposure.