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Madrid conference XMRV May 26th


Senior Member
An XMRV conference occurred today in Madrid Spain. Both Dr. Peterson and Dr. de Meirleir were speaking. Also Mark Fremont from Redlabs BE was giving a talk.

Did anyone go to this conference? Dr. Peterson was going to give a talk on XMRV. I would like to hear what he said, although I have a clue.

I would also like to hear what de Meirleir said, particularly about a small study on which he was going to report.

Both these fellows are extremely interesting CFS/ME doctors. They both move on their own, at the very edge of treatment possibilities, and are open to suggestion. They are part of a pooling of current knowledge and both are greatly respected. Things are moving along. Maybe we will have some real competition here.

This conference was obviously sponsored by Redlabs to get the news out in Europe about XMRV. The conference moves on to other venues. Perhaps someone will report in the future?

What can someone tell us about the conference?



Roy S

former DC ME/CFS lobbyist
Illinois, USA
Hi Chris,
There's some info about it here.
I hadn't made the connection between you and your blog until now. I just read your blog "The Flashpoint"
I think it's excellent and I hope everybody reads it. Have you posted it here or a link to it? It stirred my burned out early advocate's heart. Among other things I liked this:

"Like it or not, the WPI is our flashpoint, it is the flashpoint of CFS/ME research in the future. If they are degraded, if they are defeated, we all lose. It is as simple as that."

I wish everybody realized that and stopped raising doubts and fears with unfounded rumors and speculations.