Lyrica and its side effects

Hello dear all. I would like first to say that this forum has been a big support for me during the darkest moments of my life and also thanks to some discussions here I decided to marry although I have been terribly sick.

I have spent 5 full years of daily persistent headaches together with my fibro/CFS, to the point that sometimes my legs and hands go numb and hurt. I am taking 400 mg of Lyrica.

Lyrica helps to keep me on my feet, however there is a very serious side effect that I would like to expose, and this is irritability & distraction of attention.

I have always been a calm person and was able to concentrate for hours. Now I have often a feeling of anger that overwhelms me. Either I explode with terrible consequences for my environment either I implode and get strong depression for the day. My husband does not know how to manage it and I am not financially so strong to get professional help. The psychiatrist at the hospital prescribed me some meds that would calm me down. I will stop asap Lyrica though and try to live with my full pain.

My question is for those taking Lyrica if they had similar problems.

Thank you so much!

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@Vickytoria1988, @Judee ....

This is a great site, and thank you so much for posting it :thumbsup::thumbsup: :hug::hug::hug: .....

The only drawback I can see is the one related to human nature .... those who've had a really bad experience are far more likely to post regarding that experience than those who only had a mild reaction, or none at all, so the slant is heavily towards the negative.

Which doesn't make it wrong, by the way. I've read nothing good about Lyrica, and found myself wondering why Drs would prescribe it, and then I remembered and had to laugh at myself for even asking ...

The posts about Lyrica are almost heartbreaking in their repeated urgings of DO NOT USE THIS DRUG and THIS SHOULD BE PULLED FROM THE MARKET, along with HOW DID THIS EVER GET APPROVED ...