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Lyme/Borreliose and XMRV, anyone too?

The Netherlands
Hello, I am new at this, so can make mistakes. :D

Living in The Netherlands, for 13 years ''at home' with CFS'. Beginning of this year XMRV test (culture negative), serology Positive.
For the moment I do not take any medications for the XMRV, was not sure about it.

since a couple of weeks, I am test via positive on three kinds of Borrelia/Lyme, thru a Lab. in Germany. This was tested not according to Dutch ''rules''. Which means they (docters) do not reconize the test here. So up till now, no help, or at least a short term of antibiotics. But not according to the ILADS.
Now I can choose between longterm antibiotics (?) treatment in Germany, (which I am not sure of at this point, lost of people do get somewhat better, but do not recover from Lyme with AB)........
or ......... the dr Lee Cowden protocol, with Samento, Banderol, Burbur, Resveratol and Serrapeptase.
Is there any one who has experience with this protocol.

Thanks so much,

kind regards,


ps hope anyone can read this :worried:
Hi Josephine. There are a lot of dodgy tests for Lyme about, which tell people that they are positive even when they are not. It could be that your Lyme diagnosis is false.... or it could not be. There are some difficulties with testing for Lyme.

Personally, I'd be sceptical can cautious. Sorry not to be more helpful. Good luck.