Low Testosterone (Men)


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One other thing that is important as a food element negatively impacting testosterone, among many other things, is to avoid anything soy related (except perhaps a little bit of organic fermented version). This is more difficult than initially thought since it is used in so much these days as cheap, mostly GMO, filler/protein/lecithin/texturing and the oil most restaurants use these days. Not sure how much you have read on the Primal/Paleo lifestyle, but there are great books and sites with info on this that also help with reducing insults to the body and supporting testosterone production naturally.
Yes I’ve been totally Soy free for two years along with gluten but unfortunately through most of my key developmental years we had a soy rich diet as my grandparents lived in Hong Kong and my family instilled an Asian way of cooking which as delicious as it was probably did me no good. Especially as I have Northern European genes and am not Asian - I suspect their genetics are slightly better equipped to deal with Soy.