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low NK cells &/or activity and fever and cytokine storms

November Girl

Senior Member
How does a low Nk count affect ability to run fever?
Does a cytokine storm usually include fever, or just hot spells?


NK is about cancer fighting and supresing certain type of virus like Herpes, Google natural killer cell disfucntion.

The one asociated with Fever is TNFI or TNFII?? Sorry been a while, the reason I know this is because I am the opposite and I NEVER run fevers (3 total in my life) and my levels were low.
The citokine storm will depends on which cytokines tend to be an issue for you. Mine are ussually inflamatory ones IL10, IL17 ... Afew otheres. And I have learnt to know what it feels like because I was tested durin an episode so Now I can tell, My issue becomes no sleep specially, NOT even with heavy duty drugs, I go with no sleep for a few days. But now I know to take aninflmatory drugs when I feel it coming and I get better.

Flushing can be due to so may things


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flushing might be alot of things. What brings that on for me could be hormonal, sort of hyped up but i only sweat on my head nowhere else. also can get it after eating carbs where i get the sweats, again also just the head?

I dont know why but i find sometimes just drinking a few cold glasses of water helps when this happens. its just one of those strange ME symptoms a few of us get.