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low appetite


Senior Member
Sth Australia
I swing between no appetite and then I really struggle to make myself eat and all my foods need to be very tempting or I just do not eat.. to feeling like I'm starving. This whole thing is annoying


Senior Member
I know the exact feeling and live it.

I understand that, as that's how I am too... Beyond Annoying. I can't tell if I have a stomach ache or if I'm hungry instead. (yes, feels like starving) instead. so to be on the safe side, at that time I force myself to eat something... even if it isn't something I like. yuk

jesse's mom

Senior Member
Alabama USA
I also have cravings, like I want asparagus this week. Another week it was eggs and more eggs.
The strangest one was split pea soup. Mango for a while, I really don't like mango.


Senior Member
Some say magnesium and zinc deficiency can cause lost of appetite, and infections also. At least zinc is related to smell/taste .


Senior Member
Does anyone have loss of appetite?
Sometimes there is loss of appetite and
the cause is not known.
Yes I get it from time to time. But it is weird, because sometimes all day I have no appetite (I eat anyway because I know I need the food. I am dreadfully skinny) Then on those days suddenly my appetite returns later in the evening! A good healthy "I can now eat" feeling.

At first when I got sick, I had weird appetite swings and cravings. From feeling horribly nauseous, five minutes later I would crave sardines and lashings of butter on toast. I craved eggs too at that time. Then I would eat those foods and the odd thing is they didn't start up the nausea again!
When I started taking a higher dose vitamin D3 than I had done before, the cravings for those foods stopped, but that didn't take away my liking for them.
Certain foods I like suddenly I didn't fancy. Apples were one of them, and nuts, and onions. But now I am fine with them.

My appetite was worse at regular mealtimes and better at night.

That steadied out quite a lot and I am fairly normal now in that respect but do sometimes get glitches when I crash.