looking for jason. I think


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hi everyone. I know this isnt really the right place for this but I read some posts yesterday from someone saying they were much improved and they set out a list of which order they tackled each thing. I have searched and searched and cannot find the posts again. I dont know thier member name but im pretty sure they signed their name Jason. and Im pretty sure the posts were in this general treatments forum. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks


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hi Anna, that is a good thread and its similar but thats not the one. it wasnt a thread dedicated to it, it was just a few posts within a thread. maybe the author might see this and recognise it.

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Hi knackers,

There is a member by the name of Jaon on the list, you could try sending him a private message. There is also a researcher/author by the name of Leonard Jason who has several publications posted to the forum.




Knackers323, You got me, but it was in another forum. Here's what I wrote:
Hey #####,

Below this post I put the basic ingredients for NT Factor. The link under it has more detail. I want to clarify a bit, but will try to be brief. I know it's hard getting past the first few sentences, let alone following links when your so damn sick. It rips my heart & I wish you and everyone else speedy recoveries. My I's....

I hope I'm not being misleading, NT Factor was NOT my cure all, it just helped towards the end of a phased recovery.

I basically treated myself in this order:
1) Viruses / 1 month
2) Brief detox / 1 week
3) Methylation cycle / 4 diligent months
4) Lyme, fungus, parasites and other unknown infections/infestations / about 5 diligent months
5) Began exercise / 1 month graded, next month was full steam
6) On maintenance doses for all of the above, ready to go back to work
7) Blew out my back and live on prednisone!

NT Factor came between 3 & 4, and was helpful to get through the infectious treatments. BUT, I HIGHLY doubt that it would have done any real good unless I had treated viruses and my methylation cycle first. That'd been like trying to fix a car's engine while locked in the trunk.

Since genetics are only treatable with Cheney's buffalo genes, I blame viruses for everything. They started too much oxidative stress that caused my methylation cycle to partially block when I was 5 years old, some call it ME, FM or CFS etc., whatever. Viruses and their damage account for 9 months out of every year of my life being miserable. I say kill 'em all, but antivirals side effects kill quality of life. We don't know any better when we're severely ill, but once better, a few days of an antiviral will have you calling Social Security for an appointment. Gradually introducing stuff like lysine, inosine etc...then building up to a strong maintenance dose seems to do well. I did initially slam the viruses for a month Rx. I just prefer persistent antiviral treatment with supplements now.

Without treating the methylation cycle, I could have never moved on successfully It would have made every treatment or supplement like a one-legged chair. Once the viruses were quelled & my methylation cycle started unblocking, the rest came hard earned and by Faith, but was then possible.

Info below and best wishes, Jason R