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Looking for Help with the Interpretation of My Results

Hello everyone, I posted over in Introduce Yourself yesterday and was directed over here as you guys may have a more specialised knowledge of SNPs.

I recently received my results from 23andme, and have since run the raw data through Promethease, GeneticGenie, and a few days ago Livewello. These tests confirmed that I do have methylation issues, a suspicion I already had, and then tested with supplements. I had mixed success with methylfolate and Methylcobalamin due to never really finding the right balance and was lacking in cofactors, so I decided to take a break until I'd received the test results as, for all I knew, I was just making things worse.

I have a basic grasp on my results and have read endless articles and studies trying to figure out what to do with this information but everything seems so intertwined yet so conflicting. Promethease came up with my increased risk of Alzheimers due to being APOE4 homozygous, which makes sense as my grandad is currently suffering from it. There was a lot of cancer things showing up too and it may sound silly but I am not too concerned just yet about things that I may get in the future. I am however, desperate to get to the bottom of what is happening to me right now, as I believe if I can regain some quality of life I can work on those things later.

I restarted the methylation protocol a couple of weeks ago, I have been titrating the deadlock quartet. Currently I am taking the following:

*Methylfolate, Methyl b12, P5P and Adenosylb12 sublinguals (tweaking various doses)
*Vitamin E (1000iu)
*D3 and K2 (3000iu and 100ug respectively)
*B Complex with quatrefolic (v.similar to jarrow B-right)
*Biotin 5000mcg
*Vitamin C 1000iu
*Choline (100mg - started 2 days ago)
*L-Carnitine Fumerate, have begun adding microdoses each day - upto around 75mg a day at present.

Since restarting the protocol roughly 2 weeks ago, symptoms wise I have had one really good day, a few awful days and the rest of the time have felt more or less the same. I've had a couple of potassium dips which were easily rectified with food/supplements but I feel like I am doing something wrong as the way I feel on any given day seems to be so different despite not having increased or decreased the supplements. My brain is just fried with the whole thing!

I am currently taking 60mg of Duloxetine a day as well, which helps with some of the pain and anxiety symptoms. My worry with this is that some of my SNPs may mean that my serotonin and dopamine may already be too high, will an SNRI make this worse?

The past 2 days have been particularly awful since starting the choline, but I believe I need this supplement due to some of my SNPs being involved with elevated homocystine? Thought I don't have the MTHFR C677T, which is something, right?

I am so lost as to what I'm doing and if I should even be taking all of these items at all! I don't know what to do with this information now I finally have it, if anyone at all can shed any light on what sort of state I'm in and ways to feel help better, I would be forever indebted. I don't have any money left for private tests so I'm stuck with NHS for now, and will not be able to afford more expensive supplements for a few weeks yet... Is there anything I can do with what I have already purchased?

Another query I have is that my Livewello results are showing green for VDR Taq however GeneticGenie says I am homozygous, why might this be? I have had quite a few very low vit D blood tests in the past, including one reading coming in at almost zero. There are actually a few discrepancies I am noticing between the 3 different reports, would this be typical?

I would massively appreciate if some kind soul here could take a look at my results and give me any pointers of how to heal most effectively, or just any advice in general! I have not been to my GP since receiving my results as I am honestly so disheartened with the lack of care for those with illnesses such as ours and would rather fix it myself.

Livewello report: https://livewello.com/snps/share?id=6186516800602112

Thank you in advance for reading ❤️