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Looking for doc in US, prefer Mid-Atlantic


Senior Member
My friend texted me bc her daughter's allergist is testing her for mast cell issues. They are NOT happy with how she is being handled. It is a very busy practice and they don't seem to care much about anything that does not fit their normal routine. I previously had issues there when I flunked out of immunotherapy & they wanted to change my meds. I reminded the NP that everything has to gluten free bc I have Celiac. Her response was "that little bit won't hurt you, I just wouldn't worry about it." Um, it's an autoimmune disease and yes, it does hurt me. I react to the least bit of cross contamination. Anyway, they are now running into pretty much the same attitudes. The daughter is 18, and understandably scared.

If anyone could recommend a doc in VA,NC, WV, MD, I would be VERY grateful!!!