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Long Term Sufferers = Low Stomach Acid/SIBO/IMO?


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South East England, UK
I think this topic possibly relates to long term sufferers of ME/CFS. I have had this wretched illness for 24 years now but I think it was gradually building from my late 40s (I am now 76) and know for sure I have low stomach acid which has given me SIBO or more acurately in my case IMO (intestinal methanogens overgrowth). I get some benefit from betaine hydrochloride with pepsin but it doesn't stop me having ever present symptoms which manifest at the top of my ribs and has ended up with me loosing too much weight over the last year because I am obviously not absorbing nutrients from my diet.

What I was wondering is how much of all this is due to the effects of our under-functioning systems due to ME. It seems to be that very little works as it should and things are slowed down which could account for the slowed motility I experience despite a very good diet with lots of fibre. (I have tried cutting right back on fibre and it doesn't make any difference to the grumbling coming from my small intestines and I end up with severe constipation).

I would be very interested if many others here experience various gut issues which just don't resolve despite various interventions. Here in the UK the NHS doesn't even mention HYPOCHLORDIA on their website so what chance do we have of getting help from our GPs? I think if I tried to discuss this topic with any doctor in my practice they would think I was nuts so I never mention it and look else where for advice from others who do understand about it but sadly with no resolution of the issue which causes a bowel habit which swings from constipation to being too loose on other days.



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Hello @bertiedog.....I would go to Earth Clinic Site and look for the vinegar (not white), baking soda and water drink...you may find some relief with it. (Caveat: Don't brush your teeth right away...the acid can cause problems.) I used that years ago and was helped immensely.

Follow it up with soup for your meals, I just used canned but did remove a lot of the broth (salt) and replaced it with water. I also made marrow bone soup....if you can find the bones and they don't cost too much today. Chicken broth would also be good and the chicken itself would make a lot of meals. Messy, though.

Then move up to crackers with the soup and after that you should be well on your way. I need to use it again myself. Good Luck with it. Yours, Lenora