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Long COVID: a new word for naming fibromyalgia?


Senior Member
This paper is facing some opposition.

The paper in question: Long COVID: a new word for naming fibromyalgia?

The problem was called out by: and https://twitter.com/resiapretorius

Peer review (as we have noted) can be an interesting process, especially if the authors suggest their friends. Sometimes these reviewers are in an unrelated field to LongCOVID. They are chosen to drive a specific agenda. The publisher should take action.



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Sorry, but I can't open this fully. I don't even know the country that research was done.

I have long wondered whatever happened to one of my problems....good old fibromyalgia (FM). In the U.S. it used to be called CFS/FM, but since the change to ME it doesn't seem to exist I've been cured and don't even know it! (Nor does my body.) So now it's tucked in with Long COVID.....interesting. Next step, it has been cancelled totally.