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List of ME/CFS Dr’s that take Medicare


Senior Member
Thank you so much.
I just edited my post, because I’m willing to go out of state to see a specialist. I realized that I didn’t phrase my question well.
I’ll look through the link that you gave and make sure that I didn’t miss anything.
Thanks again, I really appreciate your quick reply.

Dr. Levine in NY takes Medicare and BCBS. Or at least she did when I went. She requires you to have a pcp that will work with her.

Not sure is she’s taking new patients at the moment, think it may be August before she does


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North Carolina
Thanks so much. I used to see Dr. Levine too and liked her, but she said I had already done all of the treatments that she knew of and that there wasn’t anything else to try until there are more advances in research and treatment.
Thanks again.