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List of Adrenal My Pure Adrenal Symptoms


Senior Member
South East England, UK
I am dependent on 6 mg Prednisolone (2.5mg taken around 5-6 am plus 1mg taken on waking with another 2.5mg taken lunchtime) plus 2.5 mg hydrocortisone around 4 pm and have been taking steroids since 2002.

Yesterday I was out and forgot to take my 2nd dose of 2.5mg Prednisolone. Around 3 pm I started to get the following symptoms and I thought it might be helpful to those of you who wonder about your adrenals -

Kept wanting to eat, it was quite difficult to control, normally I am not like this at all

Strong shoulder aches followed by strong backache and later legs and arms were aching badly

Body was fatigued because I had had a good walk earlier but brain was hyper

Really needed to lie down

Headache building\

Vision not quite right

Pains in feet

Empty, sore legs

Legs spiking and tingling

Pains in fingers

Really needed to use my oxygen concentrator for 45 minutes to feel better

Stinging/gritty eyes

Luckily I was due to start a new strip of Pred so I was able to go and check to see if I had taken it and of course I hadn't. I had taken the 2.5 h/c but THIS HAD NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER.

Within an hour of resting and taking the 2.5mg Pred all the symptoms gradually disappeared apart from slightly tired legs which was expected because I had been walking for nearly 40 minutes in the woods.

Hope this helps some of you sort out what is going on in your body.