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Link to full text of "CFS: Editorial Bias in the BMJ" (Goudsmit and Stouten, 2004)


Senior Member
In light of the recent commissioned editorial by Santhouse et al in the British Medical Journal, some people might be interested in the following:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Editorial Bias in the British Medical Journal

Ellen Goudsmit, PhD (Clin Psych)
Bart Stouten, MSc, PhD

ABSTRACT. A literature search identified all papers published on
chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) in
the British Medical Journal between 1995 and 2000. Analysis of the
findings revealed a bias towards the views of one school of thought and a
lack of papers on the immunological or virological aspects of CFS. This
contrasts with the mainstream American journals, which generally covered
a much wider range of subjects and views. We examine the arguments
for and against covert editorial policies, and summarise the results
of discussions with the relevant individuals and organisations.

Free full text at: http://freespace.virgin.net/david.axford/JCFS.pdf