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I wrote Re Martin Samuels article and it has been posted perhaps the tide is turning
he comments below have been moderated in advance.

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I empathised with your entire article i was diagnosed with anxiety depression
psychogenic seisures diisociation and a whole host of other terms.Even the psychiatrists gave up and said that I did,t fit any diagostic criterea.I was lucky and given a diagnosis and a treatment(myers cocktail) that had almost immediate benefits I lost all cognitive and physical function-developed seisures paralysis and anyway of telling where i was in space--they call it loss of propioreception and cognitive map-it was four years of absolute purgatory and I attempted to end my life on many occasions.In my view there are people who have deliberately stigmatised this disease as psychological to suit their owm psychological and monetary needs.The amount of pseudoscience published by "researchers" with no science qualifications at all in the UK is quite staggering..That NICE were told to disregard the biomedical research in compiling its treatment recomrendations is ,in my opinion, nothing short of criminal

- Gerwyn Morris, Wales, 31/1/2010 18:37

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/a...-lasting-legacy-victims-ME.html#ixzz0eUpjYvbf
I don't know if this letter is in the right place If not please move it


Well done Gerwyn.
The post at the bottom of that page is really shocking. Vote it down everybody! Clearly this guy needs to be told the story of Euan Proctor who was thrown into a swimming pool and almost drowned, because the doctors had exactly this attitude.

Rachel xx