Letter here to challenge DWP Doctors/ insurance companies etc for non payout/benefits


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Edit this letter to suit yourself THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT
Letter here to challenge DWP Doctors/ insurance companies etc for non payout/benefits or withholding medical treatment/accurate diagnosis

Dear .......

in light of your recent decision which challenged my medical status and cause of symptoms I would just like to point out the following issues.

Your understanding/reporting/ of my illness does not cover the issues of extreme post exertional malaise/........ etc etc

As my doctor/insurance company you are obliged to offer me adequate testing by law/duty of care /contractual obligation. Describing a person as medically unexplained whilst withholding medical testing from them is in breach of your contractual obligations/.......

Statements like "the patient can offer no objective proof of a physical illness" are illogical if you are to withhold the following tests for diseases like (ME) listed as a disorder of the (neuro immune system) under the WHO with the code (..........) under the diseases section of the (.......)

Those tests named above are:

1)Neurological examination videotaped if so required by patient for proof of neurological signs.

2) Tilt table Test

3) Regular MRI on 3t machines to check for CNS damage.

4) Spect scans

5) PET scans

6) Blood testing for chronic immune diseases such as lymes disease etc by a virologist competent in the latest lab technology

7) Referral to a doctor of my choice competent in understanding biological markers of ME as coded above by the WHO

I am entitled to this under the PALS Patient Advisory Liaison Service (UK)

8) Cardio functioning test.

9) etc etc

You should also accept proof of biological markers that I bring forward from doctors I have dealt with.

As I am sure you are aware there are many diseases and disorders that do not have a specifically single diagnostic test like Parkinson's and Autism.

I am sure you would not disagree that such diseases exist.

The automatic assumption that an individual is suffering form an "emotional illness" whilst withholding such tests as named above is fundamentally flawed. So is the notion that the cause is psychological if a doctor cannot find the cause of a physical illness. The burden of proof of a psychological cause is on the medical profession and I am unaware of one such test that can prove that. I note that there is lower pay out rates/benefits for such "emotional illnesses". This also leaves an individual open to subjective unscientific rhetoric and treatments that could cause further damage to health such as proven in the case of GET and CBT for patients with ME/CFS.

Furthermore the withholding of such tests to prove biological markers is risking that my health deteriorates as a result and I may be obliged to challenge you further on this in the future if such an issue arises due to your neglect. I estimate that I have loss of earnings totaling /$ (....) due to this illness through no fault of my own and your lack of testing could be standing in the way of treatment that could lead to me losing $(..)

Yours Sincerely

CC primary health care trust, MP/Congressman, Etc