Let's call a spade an autonosode


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taking a piece of a man's brain tumor and feeding it back into the body as a vaccine. This is the holy grail of infectious disease treatment and prevention, and yet it goes wholly unrecognized that the Germans have been using diluted automosodes (using your own specimen as a nosode to allow the body to recognize the EM frequencies contained therein) for decades, not gonna start an argument about homeopathy here. It's just amazing to see experimental medicine come full circle from germ warfare to realizing you can't eradicate life as all life forms evolve to working alongside our own evolution by assistinf innate immune response to undesirables.


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Perhaps this is the story Joey was referring to:


"The vaccines are designed to alert the body to cells that don't belong and trigger the body's immune system to attack multiple points on the cancer cells.

How many vaccine doses patients receive depend on how much of the tumor surgeons are able to remove. Holl had the first of 14 vaccine doses in February.

Using a vaccine to fight cancer makes sense to Holl, a biologist who lives in Folsom, California.

"Smallpox works, polio works," says Holl. "You're allowing your own body to combat the cancer, which is an irregularity anyway."

Parsa envisions someday treating glioblastomas as a chronic disease, rather than a death sentence."