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Left side feeling

Hello, from November 2022 my whole left side body feels weird... My head and left arm feels different from my right side. It's not numb, and I'm not fatigued, but it feels wrong... In the beginning of my disease I had nerve burning in my limbs (left and right), and then at some day burning is gone and this symptom appeared. I have left vertebral artery hypoplasia and it's congenital. It's so thin compared to my right vertebral artery... I believe this combination (severe artery hypoplasia + dysautonomia) is what causing this symptom. Cerebral autoregulation can't adapt to this due to dysautonomia. I'm curious maybe someone else have something similar?
This is caused by b12 deficiency for me. All my neurological symptoms are only in the right side. I know this happens to quite a few people with b12 deficiency or deficiency of other b vitamins or minerals that can cause neuropathy.

Have you had your levels of vitamin b12 checked?

Please note that a b12 deficiency can be "masked" or "paradoxical", and then it won't show up in a blod test. And also that if you already supplement with vitamin b12 the blod test will be useless.