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lecture/question session by Dr. Anthony Komaroff - Denver - August 30, 2011


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I just got this e-mail -- anyone who's gonna be in the Denver area on Saturday, August 30, 2011 -- there's a free lecture/question session by Dr. Anthony Komaroff, courtesy of the Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Association.........


Rocky Mountain CFS/ME & FM Association
July 26, 2011


On Saturday 7/30/2011, join RMCFA for a Video Lecture featuring Dr. Anthony Komaroff, to be shown in Heitler Hall at National Jewish Health, from 1-3 PM.

Dr. Komaroff is a top tier physician who has long been involved in CFS matters, including as one of the leading authors of both the initial 1988 and the revised 1994 U.S. research case definitions of CFS. For example, see his 2007 one page summary "Ten Discoveries about the Biology of CFS ." He is a well respected Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School,Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications, and an internal medicine primary care doctor atBrigham and Women's Hospital.

The video lecture, given live in April 2010 to the Massachusetts CFS/ME & FM Association, is officially titled "The Latest Research on CFS." However, since he last spoke to that group a decade earlier, he provides a "long-view" presentation and provides a 10-year update which I'm calling "ME/CFS Findings over the Last Decade." Dr. Komaroff is knowledgeable, articulate and well worth hearing.

Regarding fibromyalgia in the context of this CFS lecture, in answer to one of the questions, Dr. Komaroff says in part "the two illnesses have a lot of overlap. Whether they are different faces of the same thing -- whether they are caused by similar causes, including infectious agents, we just don't know."

For more details,
? about the lecture, see www.rmcfa.org/event.html, and
? about National Jewish Health, see www.rmcfa.org/event.html#NJH.

(For any who are unsure about using links in emails, the above pages are available from RMCFA's website, www.rmcfa.org. Start with "Event Information" on the left side.)

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