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LDN, opiate responders, and questions


I am an opiate responder, I get big gains from opiates in terms of symptom reduction, avoidance of PEM etc. It doesn't eradicate symptoms, I can get PEM if I try hard enough (lol) but it enables me to do more, my energy envelope seems to expand.

Anyways, I note with interest that LDN is helping some people, so I am interested if any other opiate responders out there find that LDN helps them?

So here are my questions, I would really appreciate the answers 'cos this has the potential to help me a lot.

1. If you normally get some degree of symptom reduction from opiates, have you found that LDN also helps you?
2. Is LDN addictive or dependancy forming? If I tried LDN, would I get some kind of weird discontinuation syndrome if I stopped taking it for any reason?
3. If you have taken opiates whilst on LDN, have you found that it is still effective? Do you find that LDN prevents tolerance build up and dependancy?

Thanks :)


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1. Yes, the LDN is also helpful.

2. LDN is not addictive or dependency-forming as far as I know. In fact at full dose (50mg/day) Naltrexone is used to help stop opiate addiction. But best check the literature or wait for someone with definite knowledge to be sure.

3. Yes, in my experience LDN is still effective with opiates. The recommendation is to allow at least four hours to elapse after taking LDN before taking opiates. If I remember correctly, 4.5mg of LDN blocks the opiod receptors for about four hours, so that may be the reason for the suggested time delay.

It may be that the benefit of LDN in ME is due to its effect on the microglia in the brain rather than its opiate effects, in which case ask your questions would be moot.

As to your last question about LDN preventing opiate tolerance and/or dependency, I don't know. I think probably not unless taken at the full dose. 50mg LDN blocks (some of) the opiod receptors for 24 hours.


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I just started back on LDN and it is helping immensely. The first time I didn't notice much. I do find the amount of benefit I get is directly related to the time I take it. I have to take it in the a.m. or I won't sleep. I get the best benefit at 5:30. 6 is too late, 4 is too early. It works in conjunction with the endorphin rush in your body.

I think I read it only stays in your system for a few hours so no dependence issues.