LC patient recovery story Maraviroc


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Interesting thought this might interest some. Obviously this antiviral isn't the best one to take but as he said himself it was worth a try.

Chatted to someone else on Twitter, it's an RNA virus antiviral not a covid specific antiviral. So it's primarily used for HIV, it goes after covid19 virus in a similair way. Quite a few RNA antivirals have been used now with some success in different trials. So it seems like a repeat of Lerners work, where in this case RNA antivirals work on LC, although there was some contention about symptoms and which antiviral is needed to clear up the LC.

Also another UK study shows probiotics work just fine to repopulate species that are rock bottom in LC patients.

But maybe the RNA's perform viral clearance which the body is unable to do and currently the school of thought is that viral clearance IS possible - whereas of course with ME viruses it's usually not, in this case of herpes viruses that is.
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Are you planning on running some? I thought you were back at your pre-covid baseline already? Sorry can't remember your ME history

I am at my pre covid baseline, but still having to take anti coagulants and anti clotting to maintain that. Long Covid is still a problem its just managed. So I wanted to attempt Peterson's protocol, not sure if that or CBIS will end up starting first.