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Lancet: Mouse viruses and human disease

Melbourne Australia
I couldn't find this in any threads but sorry if it has been posted before:--


The first paragraph:
Simard and colleagues1 reported the most current and largest comprehensive assessment of cancer incidence in people with HIV on antiretroviral therapy. Whereas the incidence of AIDS-defining cancers, Hodgkin's lymphoma, and many other non-AIDS-defining cancers was increased, a striking finding of this report was the nearly 50% reduction in the incidence of breast and prostate cancer. This paradoxical reduction in breast-cancer risk has been reported in the context of immune suppression
Thanks for that. I've seen those stats mentioned before, but it's nice to have it properly referenced.

To me, the strongest evidence against XMRV and CFS is also evidence against XMRV and PC. If the association with PC were to hold up, I'd feel much more positive about the association with CFS.


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That's certainly a nice find. It suggests there's something there, something like XMRV perhaps.


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This was mentioned at the CROI conference I remember, in connection with prostate cancer.