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"Karina Hansen 2: the Ghost in the Room" by Valerie Eliot Smith


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Pervasive refusal syndrome[...]tantamount to blaming the patient for the failure of inappropriate or dangerous treatment.
Not to mention not even a real or proven diagnosis. not to mention a reasonable response to having one's personal, civil, and human rights violated so horribly

[...]Karina’s new (and now permanent) guardian, was the chief of police in charge of Karina’s district at the time of her removal from home. [..] this appears to be an untenable conflict of interest and one which requires urgent public scrutiny.
Unfathomable. An appalling new detail. This whole bunch need to go to jail. They are dangerous criminals.

The medical, social and legal processes all appear to have defaulted on their statutory duty to protect a highly vulnerable constituent of the Danish state. And – worst of all – no one appears to be accountable.
Bless this fine journalist for saying all the things that need to be said.

In a Facebook post by the Justice for Karina Hansen group dated 8 November 2013, it was stated that the family were told by the Chief Physician at the clinic: “if you [the family] don’t agree with and support the treatment Karina have [sic] been put under by the psychiatrist in charge of treatment, Nils Balle Christensen, you will not have access to see Karina.”
Outright blackmail. Illegal. Cruel. Idiotic. Double-bind.

I could keep posting extracts from this article. Really excellent. Thank you for posting, Sasha.

Invisible Woman

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As I understood from something I read previously about Karina the whole Pervasive Refusal Syndrome is a childhood "diagnosis" even if one chooses to believe this syndrome exists it should not be applied to Karina who was an adult when diagnosed with it.

Mind you, that's probably the least of the problems she faces. I shudder to think what her life must be like.


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England, UK