KAPREX AI by Metagenics "Selective Kinase Response Modulator"


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I have not tried this, but sounded interesting: (Also one just called Kaprex, different forumula, for joint health)

From Metagenics website:

"Kaprex AI targets underlying issuessuch as eicosanoid, cytokine, white blood cell activity, and vitamin D levelsthat have been associated with minor pain and immune system response. Healthy immune system function and eicosanoid balance are important to maintaining healthy tissues of the joints, skin, digestive system, and nearly every other organ and system in the body.♦
Provides an exclusive Selective Kinase Response Modulator (SKRM) derived from hopsreduced iso-alpha acids (RIAA)to support healthy immune function.♦
Features a specialized blend of vitamin D, zinc, and selenium for additional immune support.♦
Developed through the ExpresSyn Process, which combines cell proteomic research, safety evaluations, human ex vivo research, and clinical testing for maximum safety and effectiveness."

Each Tablet Supplies:
Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)500 IU
Zinc (as zinc citrate)5 mg
Selenium (as selenomethionine)50 mcg
Reduced Iso-Alpha-Acids225 mg