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Justina Pelletier story...


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I read this incredible story about two weeks ago. Justina is not getting better, she's getting worse! How can this happen? What about a third party? The media, Supreme Court, the Kennedy's, I guess if they (the medical profession and government can do it to one million people, us, they can do it to one.
If all the procedures were prescribe by a doctor, why are the parents being blamed ? In my opinion, and from past experience, psychosamatic illness is what is used when doctors do not know. Not saying this is what happened in this case, but from my experience, I wonder how it is that a doctor NOT trained in psychology, or psychiatry, can make a psychological diagnosis... unless again, cause they just do not know or understand the problem.

I know of another story involving some notable hospitals in the midwest (2005-2008), but am afraid to post.

So sad for all involved, trying to find answers. Parents beware. Even as an individual adult, it scares a person when checking into a hospital and giving control to people who do not know it all, yet have the power to...
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