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Just out the hospital :(


Just out the hospital. I was at home alone with my 4 year old battling the daily symptoms and the air hunger . So I went to lay down but I must if had a massive panic attack .

Called paramedics out which for me is crazy I just knew I had to and then they came n took me to be checked at hospital and there are no issues with my lungs sounds and my ecg is fine .

Why on earth do I have this air hunger. I can handle all the other symptoms.
Funny thing is I just purchased the gupta training as I know my anxiety is a joke .

I also light have acid reflux or acid tummy I feel it and I wonder if that is a cause

Help ugh it's terrible I've been so positive lately


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Northern USA

I don't know any answers, but i am sorry, that is very difficult, and i am glad you called and went to hospital,
and were checked out, even though they did not give you any other help.

Yes i do think that acid tummy or reflux might be causing some of it. Try to notice when you have it worse, and what you did right before it comes on. Might help you to figure out your cause and how to try to adjust what you are doing, to avoid it. Just ideas.


Yes I defo have OI it's horrible but what can u do eh ? Ugh
Actually a lot !!! which if you take care of that, will put you on a great place with CFS. Since OI can be treated.
What country are you on ???
Florinef to increase BV
vasocontruction meds (I use midodrine) some do better with vasso dilators.
Beta Blockers (I am on porpanalol 20,g 3/d).
Calcium channel blockers (I have never tried this, but plp swear by it).......

You can go to DINET.org for more info.


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Acid Reflux goes hand in hand with air hunger in my experience. I was getting it really badly when I crashed last year and all I could do was suck it up and let it pass. I bought a finger pulse oximeter, primarily to help with the anxiety of feeling like you can't breathe.