Judy Mikovits story in Good Medicine: Crippling Disease May Be Linked to XMRV Virus



Tate from Co-Cure posted this today.

Whittemore Peterson Institute researcher makes major breakthrough in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Nicole Frost. Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas.

Mikovits realized that the field of neuroimmune disease lacked a comprehensive biological research program that could answer the many questions of patients and their doctors, but she faced longstanding prejudice in the medical community against even recognizing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a bona fide disease. “There’s a significant lack of federal funding and an institutional bias against biological research of ME/CFS and other neuroimmune diseases, which has created incredible hurdles to basic research for years,” she says. “We believe that situation will change with the knowledge of this important viral link.”