Jaw cavitations anyone?

I have been sick for nearly 2 decades (EBV, candida, adrenal fatigue, supposed Lyme, mthfr, clotting disorder, etc.), and have tried nearly everything out there to get well. The only area I have not explored is jaw cavitations. I have had all of my wisdom teeth and four molars removed when I was a teen. I also had braces and had two, non-cavity related root canals. Teeth wise, I do have TMJ, as well as phantom pain in a specific tooth that is two teeth away from one of the extraction sites. According to several dentists, no cavities in that area (in fact I've never had a cavity, knock on wood), and nothing wrong with it (though they were not familiar with cavs, nor was I at the time). I also have chronic neck and back pain, blurred vision, dizziness, anxiety, etc., all of which can be attributed to the other health problems I have, but many of the other health problems I have can also be attributed to cavitations. I have a dentist in Santa Barbara I am i interested in seeing (I live in S. CA), a Dr. Cynthia Copeland, but thought I would ask if anyone else had any other cav specialists they could recommend in my area. I know about Dr. Margolis in AZ, but cannot afford the trip to see him, nor do I have a way to go see him. Thanks.
Might be taking this journey myself. Any idea of the total cost when all was said and done? There's one state in all the US that finds cavitat machines illegal ( don't know why ) and of course that's NY - the state I live in. Found a dentist with experience diagnosing and repairing cavitations in CT. Just wonder how many years or decades I'll be paying this off for...


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I thought I would ask if anyone else had any other cav specialists they could recommend in my area.
I wish there was some sort of national and/or international directory on qualified oral surgeons who specialize in cavitation surgery. I just got a newsletter today from "The Better Health Guy", who just had caviation surgery. Thought I would post that part of his newsletter here.

Bye Bye Cavitations....

I went to an alternative medicine conference hosted by Dr. Simon Yu MD in St. Louis, MO in September. I had met him a couple of times before and was always interested in a consultation. Fortunately, everything fell into line and I was able to see him the day before the conference. I've previously blogged about that experience here.

The net of it was that he felt I had a high probability of having a dental issue in the areas where I had previously extracted wisdom teeth. He felt the highest likelihood was with the lower right which was in fact the one that got a dry socket years ago when they were removed.

Cavitation surgery was the one thing I was hoping to never have to do, but I did not want to ignore something that could be an important next step. I had cavitation surgery on two wisdom tooth extraction sites in late October. While it has only been four weeks since the procedure, I'm optimistic that this will be another positive step forward as it is one less thorn for the body to have to accommodate.

I have often been asked about Dr. Yu, and my interactions with him and his staff were superb. His primary areas of focus are outlined in his book Accidental Cure which I highly recommend. To learn more about his work or to schedule an appointment, you can find his web site here. I send gratitude for the piece of the puzzle that he has played in my continuing journey.