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January 22nd's Dr Mikovits presentation discussion


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Thanks for your reply ukxmrv, looks like it's a wait and see situation. I will check out other threads to get a feel for it all.


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Hi ukme,

Thanks, I know the Nutri Adrenal glandulars although I've never taken them myself. They generally just support the adrenal glands by providing amino acids, enzymes etc and glandulars are not supposed to contain any hormones at all, although I remember one hormone doctor telling me that he thinks that they might contain tiny amounts but that it is just not stated on the label as otherwise they wouldnt be to sell them. But who knows for sure. My view is that it is probably not harmful and that they are just supporting her adrenal glands so that they can produce more cortisol on their own. As ukxmrv says though no-one really has the answers yet and I totally understand your dilemma and its hard to know what to do for the best! I am curious to know if your daughter has gotten worse in any way or is she feeling better since being on the glandular and since her cortisol levels have increased?

Take care.

Thank you for your reply froufox. I must confess I am posting as mum/mom to ukme junior, aged 14. The adrenal supplements are called Nutri Adrenal Extra a 'high potency adrenal concentrate' (bovine source from New Zealand).

24 hour adrenal stress profile saliva tests she has done have shown an increase in cortisol from almost non-existent to near-normal after taking these supps for 5 months. Now continuing to take reduced adrenal supps for support. Of course I am now wondering if it is actually best to keep the cortisol low... oh my I would hate to think I was making the situation worse.