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I've gone from a super-fit party girl to being almost bedridden at 33

John Mac

Senior Member
Liverpool UK
A sympathetic piece on the Liverpool Echo website

"A part of me has died and I don't think it will ever come back," she reflects. "When you can't get out you spend so much time alone, looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering where you've gone."
But with an informal group already established, Fay now wants to create a network to join forces with other sufferers and supporters and spread understanding.
"The biggest problems are the stigma and people thinking, I've heard of that but I'm not sure what it is," she says. "But I am strong enough to campaign, to get the word out there and push for more help to be available, and I'm happy to do it because it gives me a purpose. I feel like I can do something good and all this isn't for nothing.